TP Wipes...

Periods / menstruation / Feminine Hygiene as you know it has been misunderstood and driven by fear for thousands of years. Ever since the time of Moses and the Roman Empire events have wrongly shaped our beliefs of normal female anatomy and physiology. The lack of knowledge and understanding has resulted in civilization accepting abnormal function as normal function and it has been told so many times that it has become the identity of being a woman.  As a result no one is looking for true innovation because “that’s the way it is”.


Periods as you know them are about to change. God loves you, and he wants you have abundant life.


TP Wipes are a revolutionary new product that will change your life. I believe that God has revealed to me the knowledge, wisdom and understanding, by adding one thing to another and discovering the skim of how to naturally improve the female hygiene experience. You will be amazed, but in this wicked world and the powers that be, prohibit making claims of the changes that you could experience, so I will simply say TP Wipes are all natural organic cotton, non-toxic, non-allergenic, safe, fragrance free, feminine wipes that will clean and moisturize like nothing else and it will allow your body to function as God intended.

Why TP?...

It could stand for toilet paper but it really means Total Protection. It is a personal wipe that replaces toilet paper that a girl or woman uses every day. Use them for 60 days you will begin to discover a new reality for the rest of your life.


Different than anything you have ever heard of, it’s a beautiful combination of science, anatomy and chemistry. If you knew what I know you would be Snap Chatting to everyone you know.


Congratulations that you have read this far. If you are even a little curious or excited, go to Amazon and order our introductory package of TP Wipes 120, a 30 day supply for only $14.99. Supplies are limited so check back if not available, we are working hard to keep up with demand. Remember there is no other product that works like TP Wipes, it is patent protected.