TP Wipes...

Periods / menstruation / Feminine Hygiene an elegant luxurious, individually packaged, thicker absorbent cotton wipe that cleans and freshens like none other.

TPwipes are a natural hygiene experience, organic cotton, non-toxic, non-allergenic, fragrance free, pH balanced, flushable wipes.

Why TP?...

TP Wipes, are Total Protection Wipes. It is a personal wipe that replaces toilet paper, that a girl or woman uses every day. Use them for 60 days you will begin to discover a new reality.


Different than anything you have ever heard of, an eligant combination of science, anatomy and chemistry..


Congratulations that you have read this far. If you are even a little curious or excited, go to Amazon and order our introductory package of TP Wipes 120, a 30 day supply for only $19.99. Supplies are limited so check back if not available, we are working hard to keep up with demand. Remember there is no other product that works like TP Wipes, it is patent protected.